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Rafael Acevedo, Dr.

Program Manager

Instructor, Economics & Finance

Rafael Acevedo


Institute for Economic Inquiry
Economics & Finance - Business
Heider College of Business
Harper - 4007A

Rafael Acevedo, Dr.

Program Manager

Instructor, Economics & Finance

Rafael arrived at Creighton in June 2021. His main role at the university is serving as the Program Manager of the Menard Family Institute for Economic Inquiry (MIEI) and Director of the Business Research Fellow Program. In addition to his managerial responsibilities, he adjuncts an economics class each semester. During the Fall of 2021, he taught Introductory Microeconomics; from the Spring of 2022, he has been instructing Introductory Macroeconomics.

Rafael is originally from Venezuela, having spent his entire life there. In March 2018, he was compelled to leave Venezuela due to many political and economic challenges.

In his country of origin, he founded a think tank dedicated to promoting economic and political freedom, with a particular emphasis on free-market principles. He was an Associate Professor (tenured) at Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado in Barquisimeto Lara State. Over more than 15 years, he engaged in teaching, research, and outreach activities in his country. His academic background includes an Associate degree in Administration of Physical and Financial Resources, a BS in Accounting, an MSc in Economics -marking the point at which he directed all his research efforts toward this fascinating field- and a Doctorate in Management.

From his arrival in the USA (March 2018) until September 2018, Rafael worked at a fertilizer factory as an "organic material shoveler." After this experience, he started at Texas Tech University as a Visiting Research Associate at the Free Market Institute where he spent 3 years before his job at Creighton.

Now he lives in the historical downtown of Papillion with his wife, 2 children, and his Siberian Husky.


  • Ph.D. in Management. 2013. Universidad Yacambú. Venezuela.
  • Msc in Economics, concentration Economic Policies. 2010. Universidad de Los Andes. Venezuela.
  • Bachelor’s in Public Accounting. Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado. 2003. Venezuela.
  • Associate in Administration of Physical and Financial Resources. Colegio Universitario Fermín Toro. 1999. Venezuela.

Research Focus

Economic Freedom; Economic Growth & Development; Institutional Economics; Behavioral Economics; Applied Econometrics



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    Academic Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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Research Works in Process

10) “Let's Be Free: The Case of the Asymmetric Effects of Economic Freedom” With Maria Lorca-Susino, and Jose Mora.

9) “The Insidiousness of Mercantilism: Empirical Evidence” With Hugo Faria, Hugo Montesinos, and Olga Montesinos. Accepted to be presented in SEA-2022

8) “The Euro as a Common, International, and Global Currency in the 21st Century” With Maria Lorca-Susino. Accepted to be presented in SEA-2022

7) “The Unfree, the Freer, and the Government: Economic Freedom and the Fiscal Multiplier”. With Maria Lorca-Susino and Jose U. Mora. Accepted to be presented in SEA-2022. Received an RR at the Journal of Government and Economics

6) “Political Economy and Public Opinion: The case of Venezuela”. With Andres Marroquin and Antonio Saravia. Accepted to be presented in APEE-2022 and SEA-2022

5) “Economic Freedom and Unauthorized Immigration: A Relationship Evidence”. With Juan Manuel Bogado. Working Paper available on SSRN. Under Review

3) “A State-Level Innovation Index proposal for the USA”. With Pedro Harmath, Jose Mora, and Jorge Romero-Habeych. Available on SSRN. Under Review

2) “Populism in the EU: A General Review”. With María Lorca-Susino.

1) “Entrepreneur in a Critical Economy: The Need of a Latin-American School of Entrepreneurship. The Economic and Social Impact of Econintech’s School of Entrepreneurship in Lara State, Venezuela.” With Juan C. Correa, Jorge Romero-Habeych, and Joel Torrez.


University courses taught in the USA (at Creighton University, University of Illinois Springfield, and Western New Mexico University):

  •     Macroeconomics in a Global Economy (Macro Intermediate –  100% On-Line).
  •     Introduction to Personal Financial Planning (100% Online)
  •     Introductory Microeconomics (In-Classroom & 100% Online).
  •     Introductory Macroeconomics (In-classroom & 100% Online).

University courses taught in Venezuela:

  •    Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Accounting; Economic Theory; Microeconomics, Macroeconomics; International Trade; Public Budget; Applied Statistics; Advisor of Undergraduate Thesis. (In the Public Accountancy, Public Administration, Business Administration, and Management undergraduate programs)
  •    Managerial and Costs Accountancy; Basic Accountancy; Management; Economic Theory. (In the Production Engineering, and Computer Sciences, undergraduate programs)
  •     Management and Organizations in Venezuela; Public Finances; Quantitative Research Methods. (In the Master of Business & Finance, and Doctorate in Management programs)