Center for Mathematics of Uncertainty

Center for Mathematics of Uncertainty

Mission and Current Research

The mission of the Center for Mathematics of Uncertainty (Fuzzy Math) is to support the paradigm shift in the sciences involving uncertainty and to support colleagues in third world countries. The Center has supported visiting professors from the People's Republic of China, India, Saudi Arabia, Korea and Japan.

Members of the Center do basic research in fuzzy abstract algebra, fuzzy graph theory, fuzzy integration theory and integral equations, fuzzy automata theory, and fuzzy social networks.

In fuzzy abstract algebra, it has demonstrated that the theory of primary representations for fuzzy ideals can be applied to the solution of fuzzy intersection equations via a corresponding theory of algebraic varieties.

The members of the Center have also developed a Galois theory of fuzzy subgroups and fuzzy subfields.  Creation of a Galois theory of correspondence like this is frequently useful for classification of fields and in solving equations.

Significant work is being done on the structural results for fuzzy graphs and fuzzy automata, both of which have applications in many disciplines.

Nine books, approximately 100 journal articles and 50 conference papers have been published by various research members. Current research concerns vague algebraic structures. To download a more complete list of publications, click here.

Director:  Dr. John Mordeson, Department of Mathematics