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Business analytics

Business Analytics: Use Data in Meaningful Ways.

With the right training, organizations can use their data to make better decisions. If your institution is aiming to be more data-driven, our courses can teach employees how to apply rational statistical approaches to create actionable information from massive amounts of data. Course participants will gain data management, analytical and problem-solving skills as they work through data-intensive business problems.

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Jennifer Metzler
Director, Business Development
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Employee Training Options

  • Introduction to Business and Data Analytics
  • Survey of Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Data Visual Analysis and Visualization
  • Database Management Systems
  • Data Analytics Program
  • Digital Marketing Program
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Applications of Optimization Modeling
  • Utilizing Data to Drive Business Performance

Those looking for a more in-depth experience can pursue the Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics.

For employees interested in advanced degrees, we offer a Master of Science in Business Analyics.