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James Lineberger, PhD, MHA, FACHE, FACMPE

A Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management That’s Different

As a member of the faculty for the Executive MBA in Healthcare Management, James Lineberger has insight into what makes the program unique. Here, he shares why he recommends it to his own colleagues.

What makes the University Executive MBA in Healthcare Management different? To James Lineberger, the diverse backgrounds of the student cohorts is one of the most impressive elements.

“From my experience with these cohorts, the depth and breadth of experience is vast, and both operationally and clinically oriented,” he says. “I think that allows the cohorts to have more exposure from an interdisciplinary account. It lets students share practical experience and perspectives.”

Lineberger has been with Creighton University’s MBA in Healthcare Management since its launch. He teaches the Human Resource Management course in the program, and he also serves as an instructor for the condensed non-degree program, the Executive Healthcare Fellowship

A Master's Degree in Healthcare Management Program for Serious Learners

In addition to hailing from diverse professional backgrounds, Lineberger sees Creighton EMBA students as incredibly driven individuals who are investing in learning itself, rather than simply obtaining another degree. “The students take the learning seriously, and they take a lot of responsibility for providing information to each other,” he says. “I don’t think this is necessarily typical.”

Being a mentor and serving as a resource for students has been very gratifying for Lineberger. One of his favorite parts of being an instructor has been participating in informal, offline conversations with students who are looking to go beyond the classroom, grow their networks, get more exposure and gain new experiences that enrich their professional lives.

“I think [being an instructor] helps me to stay grounded and non-complacent,” Dr. Lineberger says. “I’ve been a healthcare executive for 35 years, so I think it helps me to have the discipline to ground the theory in practice and stay current in my field.”

Lineberger is also very active outside of Creighton University. He is the Executive Director of Anesthesia Associates of Boise and has spent time as a speaker, writer and consultant. He holds a PhD in Adult and Organizational Learning.

Looking Forward to CAHME Accreditation

Looking toward the future of the program, Lineberger is eager for Creighton’s EMBA to earn Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) accreditation, and he has full faith that it’s well on track to do so. As a CAHME commissioner, he’s excited to be on the flip side of the process–being a faculty member in a program that’s going through the accreditation. He’s able to testify firsthand to the rigor of the process.

He also sees the program’s ability to grow with the healthcare industry. “I think because [Program Director Laurie Baedke] has recruited both practitioners and academics, there’s going to be a good mix. Students will be able to stay current and be confident that they’re getting the latest knowledge from the field as well as the basics that serve as the foundation of a graduate degree in health management,” he says.

Overall, Lineberger thinks that anyone working in the healthcare field will be able to find value in Creighton’s Executive MBA in Healthcare Management. He recommends that prospective students assess not only the rigor of the program, but how thoroughly the curriculum is grounded in practice, highlighting the value of learning from a working practitioner. He also recommends that students consider how they can immediately apply what they learn to their professional lives.

“Creighton is a program that I’ve recommended to my own physician and non-clinician colleagues,” he says. “Anyone who is interested in gravitating toward a more administrative role in health systems would get benefit out of Creighton’s program.”

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