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Institute for Economic Inquiry

Contact Information

Institute for Economic Inquiry
Heider College of Business
Labaj Building
Creighton University
Omaha, NE 68178

Phone: (402) 280-1887

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Upcoming Events!

Student Colloquia

Student Colloquia

Discussion seminars in which students engage in Socratic discussion format, to exchange and explore ideas based on a set of selected readings (ca. 200 pages). Students must apply to participate. Readings are distributed roughly one month prior to the event.  

"Liberalism and the Rhetorical Turn in Economics - Humanomics"

Date: November 5/6
Time: Friday 4:00 pm - Saturday 2:00 pm
Location: Harper Center - 4068/69
Colloquium Organizer: Doug Rasmussen


Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Our Food for Thought seminar series is a series of public talks directed at students from across Creighton's campus. 

August 26, 4-5pm at Harper 2057/58 | Tim Bastian (Creighton University) | Occupy the Registrar's Office

September 16, 2021, 4-5 pm Harper 4067 | Ryan Yonk (American Institute for Economic Research) | 

October 28, 2021, 4-5pm Harper 4068/69 | Ennio Piano (Middle Tennessee State University) | Free riders: The economics of motorcycle gangs


BEEP Seminar

BEEP Seminar

The Business, Economic Environment, and Policy seminar is a research-seminar series for faculty and students from across campus. The goal of the seminar is to facilitate an active conversation about research among Creighton faculty and students, and to promote opportunities for collaboration and co-authorship, especially within the Heider College of Business.

September 17, 2021, 12-1pm, Harper 4067 | Ryan Yonk (American Institute for Economic Research) |

October 29, 2021, 12-1pm, Harper 4068/69 | Ennio Piano (Middle Tennessee State University) | Bargaining over beauty: Transaction costs in Renaissance Art Markets