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April Mabie

April Mabie wants to provide healthcare, and she wants to do it on a global scale.

April came to Creighton to pursue a Master’s in Medical Sciences, and she stayed to go to medical school and join the inaugural class of the Arrupe Global Scholars Program

The program focuses on health equity and awards both Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health degrees in five years. Here’s what April had to say about Creighton and the program.

What brought you to Creighton?

  • I wanted to get into medicine because I want to contribute to improving some of the barriers people face in accessing equitable healthcare.

What has your experience in the Arrupe Global Scholars Program been like so far? 

  • This experience has been extremely enlightening. The program is composed of some amazing people, and I have felt a strong bond with everyone very quickly.

Can you tell us what you did during your two-week orientation in the Dominican Republic? 

  • While in the Dominican Republic, we spent a lot of time reflecting on the ministry of presence and how to be healthcare providers who find ways to empower our peers to make change, rather than taking on this burden alone. We spent a lot of time with a few different rural communities, and during this time they were generous to share both their homes with us and their stories.