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Kallin Hermann

Inspired by her grandparents, Kallin Hermann came to study medicine at Creighton to pursue a career where she works for and with others.

Kallin joined the inaugural class of the Arrupe Global Scholars Program, which focuses on health equity and awards both Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health degrees in five years.

Here’s what Kallin had to say about Creighton and the program.

What brought you to Creighton?

  • My grandparents were all teachers and educators. My grandfather was in the Peace Corps in 1961 where he served in Malaysia and met my grandmother. This part of my family history has driven me towards global health and the Arrupe Global Scholars program.

What has your experience in the Arrupe Global Scholars Program been like so far?

  • I have learned so much being in this program. During our two-week orientation in the Dominican Republic, I learned from my peers and the community members about the importance of the ministry of presence and how to be a better listener.

    I am so thankful for the opportunity to grow with such inspiring classmates, educators, and community leaders.

How will you apply what you’ve learned into the program to your career in medicine?

  • I look forward to incorporating everything I learn into a career where I engage with and continue to learn from those around me.