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Olivia Foley

Olivia Foley was drawn to Creighton because of the university’s values, including service to others.

Olivia Foley has wanted to be a doctor for a long time, but Creighton became her top choice when she learned of the Arrupe Global Scholars Program, which focuses on health equity and awards both Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health degrees in five years. 

Here’s what Olivia had to say about Creighton and the program.

What brought you to Creighton?

  • I was drawn to Creighton due to their emphasis on Jesuit values and service to others.

Can you tell us what you did during your two-week orientation in the Dominican Republic? 

  • We have travelled to Creighton’s ILAC facility in the Dominican Republic for two weeks. We spent time observing and learning from experienced members of the ILAC team as well as community members. 

What are your long-term career goals?

  • I want to become a physician that serves vulnerable populations worldwide, and I believe the Arrupe program will help me immensely in that pursuit!