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Clinical Education for Occupational Therapists

A Dynamic Approach to Occupational Therapy Clinical Education

Clinical education is critical to professional development and competency in the discipline of occupational therapy. Creighton University’s occupational therapy program partners with practitioners from around the globe to provide a wide variety of learning experiences. We believe our clinical preceptors bring invaluable practice skills, support and guidance for our students, richly enhancing our program.

Students in the occupational therapy program at Creighton University receive personalized attention to match clinical education experiences to individual goals and learning outcomes related to the formation of a well-rounded generalist practitioner. Unique to Creighton’s program, each student is assigned a clinical education faculty member as a clinical advisor to design an individualized, dynamic clinical education experience nationally or internationally.

Occupational Therapy Clinical Educaton Sites Map

In addition to didactic course work, students in the Entry-Level Professional Doctorate of Occupational Therapy program enroll in four Level I fieldwork experiences during their first five semesters. Level I Fieldwork covers the life span, including hospitals, clinics, school systems and community centers and consists of both didactic and experiential learning opportunities.

Level I Fieldwork Courses:

  • OTD 318 Level IA Fieldwork: Mental Health
  • OTD 390 Level IB Fieldwork: Physical Rehabilitation
  • OTD 490 Level IC Fieldwork: Pediatric or Selected Practice Setting
  • OTD 491 Level ID Fieldwork: Pediatric or Selected Practice Setting

Two of the nine professional semesters required for the entry-level OTD degree are three-month clinical fieldwork placements at supervised, approved facilities (level II fieldwork). Eligibility for level II fieldwork experiences is determined by the student’s mastery of the professional curriculum. A GPA of 2.0 or higher is required for level II fieldwork placement.

Level II Fieldwork Courses:

  • OTD 460 Clinical Education Seminar I
  • OTD 461 Clinical Education Seminar II
  • OTD 481 (Level II A)
  • OTD 571 (Level II B)

Doctoral Capstone Experience (DCE) – Entry-Level OTD Program

DCEs are a unique component of the doctoral program. They give students the opportunity to extend and refine the knowledge acquired in the classroom and use it to critically analyze occupational therapy practice and refine skills in one or more of the given areas of focus:

  • Advanced clinical practice
  • Research
  • Administration
  • Leadership
  • Program and policy development
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Theory development

Opportunities are available both nationwide and internationally

Interested in partnering with Creighton? Practitioners in communities across the United States and internationally offer a rich variety of clinical experiences for our students, and we’re always looking to create new partnerships. Your guidance can help shape the next generation of occupational therapists. When you become a fieldwork educator, you can bring awareness to your specialty, get to know up-and-coming OTs and contribute to a brighter future for the industry. Email us for more information about becoming a fieldwork educator.

Occupational Therapy in the Dominican Republic

Occupational therapy student Olivia Brem spent her level 1D fieldwork experience in the Dominican Republic designing interventions for patients of all ages. Through Creighton’s unique partnership with the Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC), students like Olivia receive hands-on learning through service. 
“I’ve always had an interest in working with rural and underdeveloped communities, and this experience lit a fire inside of me to continue working with these populations in the future” says Oliva.

I have been impressed with the professionalism and the preparedness of your students coming to us. When students ask me where they can go to OT school, Creighton is always one of the choices I give them.
— Chuck Lang, Occupational Therapy Manager, Sanford Health, Fargo, ND