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Career & Personality Assessments

Whether students enter Creighton University with a declared major or are "still deciding," many will change majors at least once before they earn a degree. With so many possibilities available and a lifetime of work ahead, the John P. Fahey Career Center encourages all students to invest time in self-reflection.

The following career assessments focus on a variety of different areas, such as personality, skills, interests, values, occupational options, career paths, and educational programs compatible with your personal attributes.   

Remember that an assessment provides only one piece in the overall career development puzzle. The results will not give you the "right" answer to what you should be when you grow up. Assessments aid students in solidifying current interests, exploring new options, and/or acquiring self-awareness.

Career Advising
To help interpret your assessment results and discuss your career options, we recommend you meet with a Career Advisor in the Career Center. Together, you can decide on a plan of action. Contact us to make an appointment.


FocusThis self-paced and holistic career planning tool includes 5 assessments - Work Interest, Personality, Skills, Values, and Leisure Interest - and career exploration tools.
(Free for Creighton students. New users: Access Code = bluejay)
Career Liftoff Interest InventoryConnect your interests to possible career pathways. The results include links to resources like O*NET Online to help kickstart your exploration of careers. (To take this inventory for free, email for an access code and inventory instructions.)
Strong Interest InventoryDiscover which work environments someone with your personality type or "Holland Code" might enjoy.
(To take this assessment for free, you must meet with a career advisor to receive and interpret your results; contact us for assessment instructions and to schedule an appointment.)
CliftonStrengths for StudentsGain insight into your natural talents and the type of work environment in which you are most likely to thrive.
(To take this assessment for free, contact for an access code and assessment instructions.)
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)Learn your personality type, including how you get energized, receive information, make decisions, and structure your life style.
(To take this assessment, visit the main MBTI website. Cost is $49.95.)
16 PersonalitiesUse this free and quick assessment to determine your personality type (modeled after the MBTI).
CareerLeaderDeveloped by Harvard Business School, this business career assessment is intended to teach you more about your interests, motivators, and skills to determine which organizational culture might be the best fit within your intended industry or functional role.
(Contact Heather Doering for CareerLeader access.)
Hue Are YouUse this free and quick assessment to determine the "true color" that reflects your personality and work style.


Values offers a free Values Assessment to help you learn more about your underlying work needs and motivations.


Science Career Interest SurveyComplete this free exercise to help you examine scientific career paths that best fit your interests.

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