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Business Cards

2019 Business Card of Erlesenes Bookshop in Vienna.  Gift of Erlesenes, August, '19.

Visiting this bookshop was one of the most refreshing of my fable-seeking adventures.  I noticed online an unusual volume that they were offering: "A Bölcs Esopusnak" in Hungarian from 1943.  I found their bookshop -- it was not easy -- and was immediately struck by the FG symbol at the doorway.  This bookshop is a search for the exquisite grapes of literature!  Their advertising is consistent with their brand, and so I have three bookmarks as well as this three business card.  There is also an incident connected with my visit there.  The manager could not find the book and at last remembered that it might be in the "Lager," since she had worked on the volume.  She found it!  Victory!  The exquisite possessed!