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Gabutti French Pain Reliever Advertisements

1950?  Fourteen advertising cards by R. Gabutti in an envelope.  All have advertising on the verso; about half also have advertising as part of the image.  $168 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.  A full set of nineteen cards in an envelope for €35.80 from le-livre, Sablons, France, through, June, '20.

I find the artistry of these advertisements spectacular!  Getting them has already set me on a quest to get the others in the set of 19 listed on the flyleaves of the envelope.  There is plenty of humor in these illustrations!  The advertisements seem to be for various products of Laboratoires M. De Rive in Paris.  One of the two TH advertisements for Strongénol – the one with brown foreground rather than green -- was actually sent as a postcard, unfortunately without a clear date stamp.  The Gabutti signature is different in these two cards.  The products are sometimes worked cleverly into the fable scene, as when the crane doctor brings a tube of ointment to wounded wolf.  The crow is similarly dropping not a cheese to a flatterer but medicine to a sick fox with his head bandaged up.  Now the full set has arrived, found on French Ebay at the time I was cataloguing the original set here.  These six new cards have their own treats.  The old man is trying to reveal to his sons not the glory of a well-worked family inherited plot of land but rather the glory of cash!  The country mouse is recommending Voxynox to his city slicker cousin.  There is lots of fun to be had here!




Eagle and Owl







Laborer and His Children

Little Fish and the Angler



Oyster and Litigants


Two Pigeons



TH: Green Foreground

TH: Brown Foreground