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L'Illustration advertisements by Benjamin Rabier

1924  Twenty-one advertisements (and three duplicates) for various products using the artistry of Benjamin Rabier.  All printed sometime in 1924 in L'Illustration.  Products include Dentol, Regnauld Cream, and Goudron Guyot.  €53 from Champy50 on Ebay, June, '20.  GA for €8 and "Cobbler and Financier" for €6.50 from authenticpubs on Ebay, Sept., '21.  "Wolf Become Shepherd" for €3 from on Ebay, Oct., '21.  Three further advertisements for €3 each from anciendocument through Ebay, Oct., '21.  Three further advertisements from AuthenticPubs through, Oct., '21.

What is so lovely about these advertisements is that each uses the well-known fable situation to work in a claim for the advertised product.  So the "talkative turtle" could not sustain his flight holding on to the stick carried by the two ducks because he did not use Dentol to make his teeth strong.  The tortoise was besting the hare because he took Goudron Guyot.  The rat who retired from the world secure himself inside not a big wheel of cheese but a wheel of Dentol.  The lamb that is normally eaten by the wolf offers him instead a some paste for his cough.  Enjoy the twist of the fable in each case and click on the saying or picture to see a bigger rendition.  

Acorn and Pumpkin: "If the pumpkin had been an acorn, my asthma would have been cured as a result.  This Autoplasme works better." 

DS: Do not be as stupid as this dog.  Do not take some other toothpaste and let go of your Dentol!

FC: Renard: "Bravo!  For my bronchial tubes!  Thank you for the Autoplasme!"

FG: "Climb up there?  Never!  I'm not so stupid….  Still, for teeth, Dentol is famous!

FS: Do you hear my tongue lapping?  It's from the elixir of the strong, Quinium Labarraque.

GGE: Wife: "What have you done!  This hen was laying eggs of gold for us, namely Dentol!"

Rat Retired from the World: Retired Rat: "I have found this way to care better for my teeth: to live in the middle of Dentol!

Snake and File: Snake: "Sure, this metal is hard, but it seems to me soft because my teeth are hard as steel, thanks to Dentol."

TH: Tortoise: "I have breath and I am running!  My secret is to have taken some Goudron Guyot."

TMCM: "In order never to cough, you need to drink this good Goudron Guyot."

TT: First duck: "Sky, look what happens to someone who was just scraping the sun."  Second duck: "Alas, he weak mouth was ignorant of Dentol."

Two Cocks: The hen will offer the winner this gift: to fight a cough, some Regnauld Cream.

Two Rats, Fox, and Dentrol: Fox: "What a singular means of transport!  My teeth, not theirs, will have this good Dentol that they are transporting!"

WL: Lamb: "Monsieur Wolf, you have a cough.  Let me offer you Regnauld Paste."

GA: "You cough?  Okay.  Here's my last word: Dance!  You will not get any of my Goudron Guyot."

"If I seem cheerful, it's because as solid as a rock, I have a good stomach, thanks to Charbon de Belloc."

Wolf Become Shepherd: "Let's make up our face and adjust our collar and then brush our teeth with Dentrol!"

The Two Doves: "I'll take care of you.  I have a band-aid."

OF: "Don't inflate yourself so.  Listen.  I'll just give you Goudron-Guyot."

DW: "You can ask my master.  That does not trouble me.  I am seldom there, thanks to Charbon de Belloc."

2P: Unlucky Clay Pot!  Cracks over the first hit!  Why didn't he take some Quinium Labarraque?

WC: "To relieve your throat, take a bonbon of Pate Regnauld."