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Nestle Advertising Cards

1930?  Seven Nestlé advertising cards.  Text and illustration on the front side of each card in duochrome black and blue.  The verso of each, in black and one other color, has questions, suggestions, and a mention of Nestlé.  $42 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricquart, France, Sept., '18.  Four further cards for £1 each from 18otmus through Ebay, August, '21.

Because in many ways the backs of these cards are more interesting than the fronts, I will include each here.  They seem to be tips for pupils, always including an advertisement for Nestlé chocolate in one form or another.  Some backs recommend reaching to Nestlé during the times when one gets hungry between meals, for example.  The "applied" fables seem to me to be forced, as when a monkey's opening a can of Nestlé saves the day for a bear family.  The true story of FG turns out to include a young student who had his Nestlé and knew that the grapes were good.  He got one of them!  The versos offer fascinating inquiries.  "Did you do your work this week?"  "Let's make a collection!"  "When your grandparents were babies."  "Do you like dishes with cream?"  My, what questions!  4¾' x 7".