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Vichy Water

1994 Le Renard et la Cicogne (fable de La Fontaine). Affiche de André Dahan pour l'eau de Vichy, 1970. Bibliothéque Forney E 198283. Edité par la Société des Amis de la Bibliothéque Forney, Paris. Gift of Anne Stevenson Hobbs, Dec., '97.

With a bottle of Vichy water in the foreground, the fox in bib is asking the stork, with its beak down the vase catching frogs (in Vichy water?) "Et ton foie?" ("And your liver?") and receiving the answer "Mon Foie connais pas" ("My liver? Don't know"). David Vanderbough was helpful to give me a sense of the play on "Ma foi." How nice of Anne to think of sending this to me!

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