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Newport Classic Library

1993    Aesop's Fables & Other Stories for Children.  Five Audio Cassettes.  Newport Classics Library.  Laguna Niguel, CA: Newport Publishers.  $9.99 from Carinthia Logan, Sials, AL, through Ebay, July, '03. 

"Aesop's Fables" is the first of five cassettes.  The others are "Snow White/Sleeping Beauty," "Nursery Rhymes," "Sense and Nonsense," and "Fiction and Fantasy."   The fable cassette seems to run about fifteen minutes on each side.  There is a short introduction to Aesop and fable.  Each fable has an announced title and moral.  The strength of the fable presentations here lies in two facets. First, there is fine musical accompaniment throughout, including a short orchestral climax after each moral.  The second feature is surprising: the speakers use a variety of accents, including mock German, Hispanic, Italian, Eastern European, and Southern United States.  The versions chosen are sometimes weak.  The mouse, e.g., "happens by" the lion captured in a net.  The audio quality is unfortunately less than excellent.