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La Fontaine CD-ROMs

1999 La Fontaine: Texte Intégral: Fables, contes, poésie, théâtre. Fabriqué en France. France inter. Bibliopolis. $18.53 from Frederic Dussault, Mont St.-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada, through eBay, Sept., '03.

This is a CD-Rom containing the text of La Fontaine's works. GA begins on 40, and the last fable finishes on 590. Of course, all the other works of La Fontaine are here as well. This is probably my first French CD-Rom. How nice to be able to have the full text on one's computer! Alas, there are no illustrations that I can find on the disc.

2003 Fables de La Fontaine. Racontées par Divers. Musique de Benoît Pimont. Made in Germany. Editions Thierry Magnier: France Bleu. €23 from Bon Marché, Paris, Jan., '05.

Here are fifteen fables, also presented in an accompanying book. See my comments there. There are many narrators. The variety is pleasant. Each fable is titled, and there is a pleasant musical interlude in each pause. 25 minutes, 35 seconds.