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Reader's Theater Performance CDs

2009  Fables Performance CDs.  Building Fluency through Reader's Theater.  Grades 2-3.  3 CDs.  Teacher Created Materials.  Unknown source.

These three CDs accompany a set of eight booklets also created by Teacher Created Materials.  The first disc covers TH, GGE and BW.  At the start of this first disc there is a set of good tips to help through young readers their performance.  Each story then has an opening track on characters, setting, and script reading.  Each story also includes a song and concludes with a poem.  I listened to all of TH and enjoyed its excellent voices, music, and sound effects.  There are particularly good secondary characters used to echo main characters' viewpoints.  Here lazy hare sleeps through the start of the race and takes another deliberate nap along the way.  He forgets to tie his shoelaces, and that causes him to lose. 

Disc 2 presents GA, LM, and TMCM.

Disc 3 offers FC, SW, and instrumental versions of the songs.