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Text CDs

2003  Aesop's Fables.  CD.  Searchable e-book format.  George Fyler Townsend from about 1880.  Michael Poll Publishing.  Charlottesville, VA: Cornerstone Book Publishers, apparent distributors.  Distributed by lostWord.  £5.50 to McElligott, March, '06.

This disc represents perhaps a spate of helpful texts digitally reproduced soon after the technology fostered that work.  I suspect that they have been eclipsed by more recent developments.  This text is described as "about 1880."  I would have hoped for more specific information.  Tip: open this disc and get to "Data" and then click on the pdf "Aesop's Fables."  121 pages.  As I catalogue this CD fifteen years later, I cannot explain how I paid British Pounds for a CD produced in Virginia!

2006?  "Beasts and Citizens" Forty Fables of La Fontaine."  CD.  Translated and red by Craig Hill.  Recording by Point One Audio, Lincoln, MA.  Concord, MA: Palm Press.  Unknown source.

It is pleasant to hear the translator read his own work, work we have in several copies, including an advance copy provided to me so that I could offer a review.  The complete fables edition was by Arcade Publishing in 2008.  The CD jewel case includes a simple leaflet offering a T of C of the fables read and their place in La Fontaine's twelve books.  It refers to illustrations; I wonder if something has been lost from the simple foldout.  Craig Hill is not an excited reader.  Rather, as he is a careful translator, he is a careful reader.  I find his title telling, especially since, of the first fables that I read, FK is particularly well done – and particularly telling for us in the United States these days!  The rhymes often fortify the sense well.  I can find no references to this disc online, but reviews mention the illustrations in the published edition, and the references to illustration here may well be pointing there.

2011  Aesop Dress'd Or a Collection of Fables.  Bernard Mandeville, based on Jean de La Fontaine.  First published in 1704.  The Augustan Reprint Society.  Digitalized on CD by "The Again Shop."  Wordcount: 19504.  Pages: 67.  Purchased online.

Our collection has three copies of the Augustan Reprint digitalized here.  This kind of "book" created by a print-recognition device does not have much appeal for me.  A photographic reprint of the book has, for me, much more appeal.  I suppose that there is a kind of searchability achieved by this digitalization.  I did a quick search for "fox" and immediately got 16 "hits."  That is a good sign!