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Visual CDs

1996?  Aesop's Fables.  CD.  PDFs of editions in English, German, Latin, and Spanish.  Jewel case cover of Steinhoewel's title-page.  Purchased online.

This CD contains Aesop in four languages.  The key to the English edition may be that the publisher is listed as "Cassell, Petter, Galpin, & Co."  The company took that specific name in 1878.  Note also the comment after the introduction by JBR(undell) that about 130 fables not in the first and second editions have been added by another editor.  A guess says that this is the edition in our collection for which I have guessed a date of 1890.  The break before the added 132 fables comes at the top of 219 here, as in that edition. 1869 and 1874 may have been the dates of the first and second editions, both published, as I believe, without clear indication of a date of publication.  The German editionlisted as published in 1479, seems to be an authentic Steinhoewel, part of the Rosenwald collection given to the Library of Congress.  The Latin, likewise from Rosenwald and LC, is the Sebastian Brant edition of 1501, printed by Jacob of Pfortzheim .  The illustrations are hand-colored.  There seems to be another book bound together with Brant's "Esopus."  The Spanish version is from Jacob Cronberger in 1521.  This disc is a richer resource than I had thought!  To get a menu, click on "CD-Start."

2009  Boner's Edelstein.  176 jpg images of pages on a CD prepared by the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbuttel of a colored version of Albrecht Pfister's book published in Bamberg in 1461.  This copy is in their library.  Photographed at my request.

I asked for these images as I was preparing a paper for the Renard Society in summer of 2009.  I actually found that scans I got from our facsimile served my illustrated lecture's purpose even better.  The preparation of this paper made for a lively summer in Mannheim in 2009. 

2010?  Fables (4 book Collection).  CD offering pdf files of Francis Barlow (1687), Thomas Bewick (1878), Ernest Griset (c. 1869), and Guy Wetmore Carroll's Fables for the Frivolous (1900).  Planet-E-Tech.  Purchased online.

This CD comes from a time when computer afficionados were eager to employ their skills in translating old books into digital form.  As they appear on the computer screen, these files were, to me, offputting.  Once they are reduced to about 70% of their original size, they take on more of the sharpness of their originals.  The Peter Newell illustrations for "Fables for the Frivolous" remain, I believe, overly dark.  Griset seems to me always to be overly dark.  Why someone would digitize a later edition of Bewick from 1878 and not a first edition is unclear to me.  Viewing Barlow will always be a pleasure!

2012  Fables of Aesop 15th Century: Ebook.  Pdf and jpg files, apparently of Steinhoewel, though with unusual title-page frame decorations.  227 jpg files.  Purchased online from Luis de Blas, Oleiros, La Coruna, Spain.

Detailed photographs of pages in two formats.  The pdf is similarly 227 pages long.  Good work!  I have not been able to identify this apparent later printing of Steinhoewel's work.

2019  CD of page-by-page jpeg photographs of Francis Barlow's 1666 Aesop's Fables with his Life: in English, French, and Latin, Newly Translated.  325 images, including each page containing one of the 110 Barlow illustrations.  Done by Gregory Hollins using the Creighton copy of the book.  Illustrations appear on images between 100-231 and 100-2410.

The illustrations are wonderfully distinct in these photographs.  Note that the photographs are of pages, not of the illustration portions of pages.  Some photographs of prose pages are better duplicates of less distinct images.  That these are photographs of the Creighton copy is clear, for example, from the tears on 132.