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Aesop and Son from Rocky and Bullwinkle

2010? Aesop and Son DVD Video Disc. World Wide Unique Media.  $6.99 from Joe Gibson, Meriden CT, through Ebay, Dec., '11.  One extra copy for $6.99 from the same source, Feb., '14.

Good presentation of 23 of the "Aesop and Son" episodes. To my surprise, nothing similar is offered now in 2020 on the web. In fact, I had to purchase a whole set of "Rocky and Bullwinkle" to get the complete set of "Aesop and Son," which numbers some 39 episodes over five years. In this offering, I enjoyed stories parodying FS, BF, DS, and LM. The general pattern includes the wise-ass son actually telling the fable and then the father making up something different. The fable is regularly a springboard. There are many typical cartoon surprises. The dog needs to buy back his shadow. The fox only wanted to be accepted socially. The mouse becomes king, only to get "crowned" – hammered – by a female mouse. The crow with borrowed feathers gets rejected by both a female peacock and a female crow. 

2019  The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends: The Complete Series.  5 seasons, 163 episodes, 18 discs, approximately 59 hours.  Includes, in their place in each production, all 50 episodes of "Aesop and Son."  Ward Productions.  Licensed by Bullwinkle Studios.  Universal City, CA.  $35.49 from Amazon, Jan., '21.

This is a mammoth production!  I selected one episode of "Aesop and Son" from each of the five years of the series.  "The Mice in Council" features Murphy Mouse, who gets saddled with carrying out his suggestion.  After various ploys, he actually gets the cat to put on the bell as a gift from an unknown admirer, but the ice cream vendor's bell confuses Murphy and leads to an attack by the cat.  In "The Hares and the Frog," the frog becomes an advisor to the frightened hare: every "top critter" needs a gimmick.  The hare's gimmick is wiggling his ears.  He overpowers everyone with this gimmick, until he experiences the skunk's "gimmick."  Further episodes were "The Jackrabbit and the Coyote"; "The Country Frog and the City Frog"; and "The Jackrabbits and the Mule."  Always fun!