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Filmstrips with Records


1970? Aesop's Fables. Boxed set of six filmstrips and six 33 RPM records. Narrators: Barbara Wells and Roy Rutanen. Chicago: Singer Education Division: Society for Visual Education, Inc. $12.50 from Lynn Swisher, Junction City, OR, through Ebay, Dec., '00.

Formerly the possession of the Laurel Library, wherever that is. There is just one story to a record and accompanying filmstrip: FC, BW, LM, DS, TH, and TMCM.

1972 Children's Folk Tales: Aesop's Fables. Series 6. 6 filmstrips, 3 records, 12 duplicating masters, and teacher's guide. St. Louis, MO: Milliken Publishing Company. $10.50 through Ebay, May, '00.

Perhaps the most unusual thing about this set lies in the old purple mimeograph masters. They treat of good topics like proverbs, morals, similes, and illustrations. The records devote one side to each filmstrip, and the filmstrips in turn handle three fables each:

  • #1: LM, TH, BW
  • #2: "Fox and Goat," MM, BC
  • #3: TMCM, MSA, OF
  • #4: GA, "Hare with Friends," FG
  • #5: WSC, GGE, DM
  • #6: "Trumpeter-Prisoner," DS, "Lion and Statue"