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Lantern Slides

Doré La Fontaine Glass Slides

1900? Fables of La Fontaine: Doré.  77 black-and white lantern slides.  "By permission Cassell, Petter, and Galpin."  $170.50 from Bastion Epanning, Victoria, BC, through eBay, Oct., '08. 

Here are beautiful magic lantern slides, 3¼" square, with a circular scene within a square frame.  Most retain the two paper slips proclaiming "Fables of La Fontaine: Doré" and ""By permission Cassell, Petter, and Galpin."  Though the pictures do not scan well, they are very well done.  I offer several here merely as samples; they do not do Doré justice!  The slides themselves are in various states of poor repair.  In many, the two glass plates have separated.  In some the framing paper -- square on the outside, circular on the inside -- has become fragmentary.  Two slides have cracked.  What a wonderful ephemeral find!  Click on any image to see it enlarged.  Lifted together, these slides are also exceedingly heavy!

Aesop's Fables from Father Tuck's Story Books

tuckmagiclantern2.jpg (24163 bytes)1908? Aesop's Fables from Father Tuck's Story Books. Coloured Lantern Slides. Junior Lecturers' Series. Chapter 1 of 2 Chapters. In the original box. Watford: Tuck. $192 from E. & J. Shelley, June, '99

A very lovely set of eight substantial and richly colored slides. The numbered scenes included are: 1. LM (title slide: "Aesop's Fables from Father Tuck's Story Books"), 2. "The Dove and the Crow," 3. WL, 4. DM, 5. "The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle," 6. TH, 7. "The Hares and the Frogs," and 8. "The Quack Frog." I first saw a set of these in a German museum a year ago and wrote asking if any might be for sale. In the meantime, these were offered in London and were even set aside for me without my knowing it! I am already thinking about how best to display these beautiful pictures....