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Complete Sets of La Fontaine Magic Lantern Slides

Here is yet another surprise in the experience of collecting fables.  In 2019, I found, at the Paris shop of Thierry Corcelle, an intact set of 12 glass magic lantern slides, each presenting two La Fontaine fables with title panels.  I was delighted to bring them home with me!

Four years later a set of twelve La Fontaine magic lantern slides appeared on Ebay.  Since we have several sets of such slides, I did some checking and comparing.  I was amazed to see that the designs were the same as those on the Corcelle slides, but there were also significant differences.  The slides were narrower, and so the images were less expansive.  The coloring, apparently by hand, was different in case after case, and the typeface used on the panels was different.  Since it is fascinating to examine the differences together, I offer a page not only on each collection but on a page of comparison between the two.