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Doré La fontaine Glass Slides

1900? Fables of La Fontaine: Doré.  77 black-and white lantern slides.  "By permission Cassell, Petter, and Galpin."  $170.50 from Bastion Epanning, Victoria, BC, through eBay, Oct., '08. 

Here are beautiful magic lantern slides, 3¼" square, with a circular scene within a square frame.  Most retain the two paper slips proclaiming "Fables of La Fontaine: Doré" and ""By permission Cassell, Petter, and Galpin."  Though the pictures do not scan well, they are very well done.  I offer several here merely as samples; they do not do Doré justice!  The slides themselves are in various states of poor repair.  In many, the two glass plates have separated.  In some the framing paper -- square on the outside, circular on the inside -- has become fragmentary.  Two slides have cracked.  What a wonderful ephemeral find!  Click on any image to see it enlarged.  Lifted together, these slides are also exceedingly heavy!