Sheet Music

1950? Xeroxed musical score for "The Ant and the Grasshopper." From the French Fable of La Fontaine. English adaptaion by Anne G. Molloy. Robert Schumann. #43. Pages 52-55 of an unknown book of music. Unknown source.

The ant has all the longer lines in this rhymed presentation. The grasshopper is left with shorter expressions, more lyrical and often pained. Thus she sings early "A crumb, dame, a crumb, dame!" And her last words are "Have pity, have pity!" repeated several times. Thank you to the thoughtful person who sent me this some years ago!


1970? Xeroxed musical score of Robert Schumann's "Fabel," Op. 12, Number 6 of Fantasiestücke. Wiener Urtext Edition. Gift of Gert Jan van Dyk, Sept., '92.

Gert Jan writes "It seems to me that the mano sinistra continuously imitating the mano destra represents dialogue and that the Lento sections express the exaggeratedly stressed moral. I would like to play it at my quondam graduation ceremony."