Teaching Aids

2000?  "Learning Centers Club: Fables and Tall Tales."  Boxed set of teacher's aids for teaching writing and math for grades 4-5.  $20 from Judy Butler through Ebay, May, '14.

Cataloguing this set of teacher's aids may set a record in this collection, as it has waited for eight years!  What I now find inside the box are three envelopes and two posters, each about 11" x 17".  Two of the three envelopes seem to offer helps in math and writing.  A third envelope is titled "Presenting the Fable Fella." 

It contains eight laminated cards with a traditional fable on one side and "Aesop's Fable Activities" on the other. 

A set of six smaller cards has a fable on one side and a task related to particular words on the other, like "Use six of these words in a poem that the foolish, proud crow wrote about himself." 

The first poster, "Let the Lion Loose," uses LM to have students compose the picture of the lion by solving a math problem on the back of a card.  A correct answer allows that card to become a portion of the poster's picture of the netted lion, only now without the restraining ropes.  Luckily for the teacher, there is an answer key!

The second poster -- "Watch Out For The Wolf!" --   has students deciding whether a given card is a statement, command, question, or exclamation.  Correct answers have a player advancing through the sheep to get to the finish.