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Wonderful World of Aesop's Fables VCAT 1989

1989 The Wonderful World of Aesop's Fables: Classic Story Telling Traditions Brought to Life Through Video.  Vcat Productions, Inc.  Dolmatch Group, Ltd.  Nine numbered packaged cassettes.  $20.69 from cnksoldiesbutgoodies on eBay, June, '18.

Though produced by Dolmatch, these videos – about fifteen minutes per story, with two stories on each tape – seem different from the Dolmatch tapes I had found previously from Golden Book Videos, produced in 1986.  I tried the two videos on the first cassette.  "The Lion and His Cub" becomes the more familiar fable about hunting a hare – and catching it – and then being distracted by hunting a stag.  Not only does one not catch the stag, but the hare is no longer there when one returns.  This version spends abundant time early establishing the lion's arrogance.  The somewhat expansive time allowed the story leaves plenty of room for character development and repartee.  "The Boy and the Eagle" is a story of a boy and his grandfather.  The eagle steals grandpa's hat as a kind gesture in return for the grandfather's kind releasing of the eagle from a trap.  I do not believe that I have seen these versions before.  The graphics are simple.