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V-M Talking Reels

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1959   Three View-Master Talking Reels.  Color 3-D photography of figurines in various styles with sound. AVB 309. Portland, OR: GAF Corporation. $15.99 from Tim Hall-Stith, Portland, OR, through Ebay, Aug., '99.

I knew of this special approach to View-Master that incorporates recorded sound and that Aesop's Fables were offered as one of the sets, but I doubted that I would ever find a set. Surprise! The second surprise is that two months later at an off-beat flea market on the state fair grounds in West Allis, I found a working player and got it immediately for half the asking price! The two actually function together quite well. One needs to experiment with the sound bar on the player to get the needle where it belongs on the recording track. The visuals are the same as those on the regular View-Master reels for this set; see my comments there. The read texts here are taken from the same booklet that came with the regular reels. I am impressed on this round with the mid-air fox on the one image for FG, with the shining eyes of the cat in Scene 3 of TMCM, and with the flying hare at the starting line in TH's first scene. I notice that those were also items that impressed me in the visual experience a year ago!