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Clairefontaine Set of Six Cardboard Boxes

2018?  Set of six cardboard boxes picturing La Fontaine fables on their covers.  Etival Clairefontaine: Clairfontaine.  39.90 from Librairie Dinali, Strasbourg, July, '19. 

Now here is something most unusual!  I imagine these boxes are meant as organizers for children.  They have spirited portrayals of six fables, one on the cover of each box.  The other five boxes fit nicely into the largest box.  I happened to notice these in the Dinali store in Strasbourg.  As I remember it, it was basically a stationery store with some used books.  A casual glance at a top shelf paid off!  Now, four years later, I try to find some photos or descriptions on the web, and there is only one reference, and that reference leads nowhere.  So here we are saving something drastically ephemeral!  A second strong recollection is that I tried to talk the store manager into mailing me the boxes.  She insisted that I go straight to the post office down the street and mail them myself.  I believe the postage was almost double the cost of the boxes!