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Chocolaterie Clovis

1960?  Chocolaterie Clovis Cards Album.  Complete album of 30 sets of 6 slips each.  Pepinster, Belgium: S.P.R.L.  €200 from Albert van den Bosch, Antwerp, Dec., '22.

I believe that I had not seen Clovis slips before.  This is a very impressive album.  Each pair of pages features six slips pasted on the left with La Fontaine's French, with the right-hand page offering the text in Flemish together with a line drawing to color.  The six slips are arranged differently on various of the 30 selections here.  Albert had to find two missing cards for me.  This is another treasure!




1. WC

2. WL

3. Death and the Woodman

4. GA

5. FS

6. FC

7. TH

8. Cat, Weasel, and Rabbit

9. Woods and Woodman

10. TMCM

11. Swallow and Little Birds

12. Lion and Gnat

13. Rabbit and Frogs

14. FC

15. Wolf Become Shepherd

16. Cat and Old Rat

17. Miser Who Lost His Treasure

18. 2P

19. Angler and Little Fish

20. FWT

21. Horse and Wolf

22. Fortune and the Child




24. Lion Grown Old

25. Weasel in a Granary

26. A Man and His Image

27. Thieves and Ass

28. Child and Schoolmaster

29. FK

30. OF