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Chocolat-Menier I

1950? Les Fables de La Fontaine: Collection des Vignettes du Chocolat-Menier, Vignettes Nos 1 a 90.  Hardbound.  Paris/Noisiel, France: Chocolat-Menier.  $8.26 from Carlinotte, Aude, France, through Ebay, July, '20.

Here ninety numbered cards are pasted in around La Fontaine's text. Each fable has six colored cartoon-cards, except for the centerpiece, "Les Animaux Malades de la Peste," which has twelve cards. The animals are dressed and playful. The exploding frog makes a "pouf" sound (#29). The fish rejected by the picky heron wear women's hats (#68)! The inside of the back cover gives a history of chocolate. Of course, in this history Jean-Antoine Brutus Menier stands out.  This album's cover gathers many fable characters in a park setting, with pond and bridge.  The album is also listed with books under "1950" and we also have blotters, advertisements for the card albums, and individual album cards.