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Flan Imperial Pudding

1968 Fables de La Fontaine.  Paperbound album.  La Madeleine-lez-Lille: Imperial Flan Pudding Entremets.  €20 from brocdussac on Ebay, Dec., '20.

Here is a lovely landscape-formatted booklet, 12" x 9⅜".  Its 30 pages contain 96 cards, many of which I had collected as individual trade cards, without knowing that they were meant to fit into an album.  The images are colorful and well executed.  #76, "The Lark and Her Children," is a good example of a colorful image that communicates its fable theme well.  This album is a perfect example of one strength of this collection, since it is a piece of ephemera brought together with others and saved from the trash bin!  Two more personal comments.  First, I had to pay €30 to ship this album that cost €20!  Secondly, as I researched on the web to find its date, which is reported to be 1968, I learned that Imperial Flan published a second volume album with an equal number of fable images.  I have not yet found it available, but I will be watching for it!  A collector's work is never done!  This book is listed also under books of 1968.