Le Singe du Buffon

1890? 1 French card, "Le Singe du Buffon," from Chocolat Besnier, Le Mans. Just over 2¾" x just over 4". Lith. Parisienne, Rue Courbeau, Paris. Unknown source, August, '01.

This full-color portrait-formatted card has an image framed with a blue line, with four gold-and-blue corners like old photo-holders from albums. It is marked "1", and has its title on the picture side. The verso is given completely to advertising Besnier's chocolate. The boldest boast is "1re Marque Française."

1900? 1 French card, "La Cigale et la Fourmi."  Chocolat Besnier, de Peretti, Successeur, Le Mans. 2¾" x 4⅜".  Amiens.  G. Lecocq, Éditeur. 

This card is fully different from the other I have from Besnier.  It has children acting outthe GA dismissal scene.  And the verso has Peretti succeeding Besnier in Amiens.