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Chicorei Talpe

1950?  Five cards advertising Chicorei Talpe and picturing events in the Roman de Renard.  €8 each from Albert van den Bosch, Antwerp, June, '23.

These cards have three identifying characteristics: (1) the "Chicorei Talpe" written across the French text on the verso; (2) the unusual instepped borders, hard to describe but easy to notice; and (3) the "5430" series indicated in the lower left.  Here we have five of the -- apparently -- six in the series.  The good news for this collection is that we have a set of five cards in a "5430" series under "Fable Card Series."  The lacking number there (#1) is present here: "Renard and the Bear."  The lacking number here (#5) is present there: "The Horse and the Wolf."  There is also a single card in this format under single stock trade cards, picturing the fox and the snake.  As I mentioned a propos of "5430," there is very nice chromolithography on these cards.  4" x 2¾".  Chicorei Talpe was produced in Roeselare, Belgium.