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Chicorei Talpe Dierenfabels

1950?  Six cards -- a complete set? -- advertising Chicorei Talpe and picturing events in the Roman de Renard.  €10 each from Albert van den Bosch, Antwerp, June, '23.

These cards have the same images as cards in two other sets in our collection: "Chicorei Talpe" and "5430."  Like the cards in those sets, these cards have an unusual border shaped on each side by a zagged line.  This is a complete set of six, whereas each of those is lacking one of the six.  These cards are also formatted differently on their front, each having only "Dierenfabels" to complete the image.  Finally, the verso lacks the bold script "Chicorei Talpe" written across the upper text on the verso.  The verso of each card also identifies Roeselare as Talpe's home.  By contrast with those cards, there is no numbering on these six cards.  4" x 2¾".