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Chocolat Payroud Scraps

1900? Fifteen scraps advertising Chocolat Payraud.  Prose texts on the verso "d'Après J. de la Fontaine."  $50 for the group from Luc deGrauwe, Ghent, Belgium, through eBay, Sept, '10.

What a lovely, fragile group of fable illustrations.  The colors are still vivid, even though the pieces are often slightly torn or bent.  The cut, uneven edges raise a question whether these scraps came in the form they now have or were perhaps cut or punched out by the user.  My favorite among these lovely fifteen scraps is TB.  A friend with moustache is just grasping the tree which he will climb, and his partner is flat on the ground as the bear approaches with arms extended.  I have seen some scraps before, but I cannot recall seeing such a lovely collection.  Searching on the web revealed no others available at this time.  You may have to space down to see the images below.

Cobbler and Banker

Cook and Swan

The Fox and the Crow

 The Lion and the Mouse

The Laborer and His Sons

The Horse and the Wolf

Lark and Her Children


Travellers and the Bear

The Fox and the Rooster

The Wolf and the Lamb

The Wolf, the Goat, and the Young Goat

The Man and the Snake

The Old Woman and Her Maids

The Acorn and the Pumpkin