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Le Royal and Chocolat Poulain

1896? 1 French card picturing FG in a human scene of a poor father condemning jewelry before his daughter. Le Royal Chocolat. Lavril & Cie, Saint-Aquilin de Pacy. Printer not acknowledged. 4¼" x 2½".  60 Francs from Annick Tilly, Clignancourt flea market, August, '99.

The scene of disdain at the Joaillerie is delightful, as this plaid-jacketed and bearded man puts down what he cannot have. The back is full of information, including the fact that Le Royal Chocolat won the grand price at the Bordeaux International Exposition in 1896. Royal Chocolat has created a truly hygienic chocolate! There is also a price-list, for those who want to know how little a good candy bar cost in the 1890's.

1896? 1 similar French card picturing the same scene but this time advertising Chocolat Poulain.  €8 from Albert van den Bosch, Antwerp, June, '23.

I so enjoy the fun of this scene, and the fun expressed in this series of cards!  It also struck me as a great example of seeing the same card used by two different companies. 

1896? 1 French card picturing DS in a human scene.  Chocolat Poulain.  Printer not acknowledged. 4¼" x 2½".  St. Ouen, August, '13.

I am not sure I understand the human application of DS here.  Has the child sacrificed a toy, or has the man with the cane given up a real child for a toy?  A policeman hurries to the scene.  I believe I have found Poulain sponsoring four different kinds of fable cards.  The verso has the text of La Fontaine's fable and identifies it as such. The style of these two cards seems similar enough to suspect that they are part of a stock set.

1896? 1 French card picturing OF in a human scene of a boy smoking a cigar just as a tycoon does. Chocolat de la Havane is advertised on the verso, available at pharmacies.  €2.99 from loccaz through Ebay, Jan., '23.

I am not sure that I understand this scene, perhaps along the Seine.  The image of the strutting tycoon is delightful; I am less sure how to read the "cadet" dwarf beside him!  It was not easy to find the two matches for this card in the collection, both from different chocolate suppliers.