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Maison Salmon in Nantes

1935? Eight chromolithographed trade cards advertising "Fabrique de Chocolats, Conserves Alimentaires, Maison Salmon in Nantes."  2¾" x 4".  €12.90 from nantes-antiques through Ebay, Jan., '23.

This set of cards uses the illustrations of two other sets, those I have associated with "Alcide Picard" and with "Verger-Haquet."  These differ from the Picard cards in that the titles at the bottom of the picture side of the card are here all in capital letters, whereas the fable titles in "Picard" have only initial capital letters.  Verger-Haquet has identical illustrations, like "The Miser Who Buried His Treasure," but has only five cards.  Three are trade cards using capital letters, while two are cards without advertising.  There are also some twelve less substantial slips featuring these illustrations. "Alph. Babotte" also belongs to this group of images.


Angler & Little Fish

Wolf, Mother, & Child

Miser & Buried Treasure


Bear & Gardener

Cook & Goose

Child & Schoolmaster