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Ruelle Chocolates

1960?  Nine small (2" x 2¾") numbered papers advertising Ruelle "Chcolats-Bonbons" and "Bonbons/Chocolade."  Even the title of the collection is bilingual: "Fabels van La Fontaine" and "Fables de La Fontaine."  $8.95 for #5 OF from Vintadv, August, '18.  Eight further cards for $6 each from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '20.

These pictures are fun and exceptionally detailed.  In #5, a huge bull looks through a broken fence section at a frog in a swimming suit on his back, perhaps because he has just burst.  One can even make out the ox's teeth!  I wonder if this collection goes beyond fables.  Might it be that the verso of the first of several cards illustrating a single fable offers a bilingual title for the fable?  That approach might explain why some of these slips have titles and some do not.

4: OF

5: OF

10: WC

26: TH

36: King & Queen Owl (?)

77: FG

83: OR

102: Wolf and Fox

119: Two Goats

77: Verso