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ATC Album

1913 A.T.C. Turkish Trophies Cigarettes. About 80 of the Turkish Trophies cards arranged in an album after both picture and text were pasted onto a new card and the former's gold frame extended around the latter. $17.50 from Doris Larson, Little Falls, MN, April, '00.

There have been other collectors as crazy as I am. This collector took a lot of time. First, the collector found two of every card. Secondly, she or he cut the text portion (title, fable, and moral) from the back of one of each pair and, thirdly, pasted both picture and text onto a new and slightly larger card. Finally the collector used a brush or pen to extend the golden stripe around the now lower text portion. Doris offered six loose cards on Ebay, and our contact led to my purchasing the whole album. We collectors can be a strange lot!