1950?  Five cards identified only as #2-6 of Serie 5340.  €14 for the set at St. Ouen, August, '13

These cards can be identified by their "instepped" borders, which always have a jagged central inside portion of the border.  The five scenes represented include standard fables.  #2 presents "Renard Ermite," complete with papal bulls to show what a pilgrim he is!  #3 shows Renard at a well ready to bid farewell to the wolf, whom he will leave in his bucket in the well without help.  #4 switches to WC.  #5 returns to Renard to show him with the snake whom he has outwitted as he freed the human who was silly enough to believe the lying snake.  The final card again moves away from the fox to show the horse who uses his hoof to teach the wolf something.  Nice chromolithography on cards 4¼" x 2¾".