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Billy the Buck

1952 48 numbered cards in the complete set "Adventures of Billy the Buck." Granose Foods Limited, Watford, Herts. © R. & H. $18 at Foster City, Feb., '97.

The dealer came up with this surprising offer when I asked for fables. This is a set he played with his children (or when he was a child?). Their method was to shuffle the cards and see how the story developed this time. This is really an exciting adventure story rather than a fable. The images are simple paintings of chases, escapes, fights, hunts, and rescues. The back of each card is identical except for the individual card's number in the series of 48. The back advertises an album that contains "the thrilling story relating to this series." After the dealer's explanation, I am actually disappointed that there is supposed to be just one story that the cards are to illustrate.