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Dandy Black Backs

1971 Dandy Animal Fables (Black Back). Numbered set of 200. 1¾" x 2¾". Printed in Denmark. Vejle, Denmark: Dandy. £50 by mail from Murray Cards, London, August, '97.

These cards are divided into stories, with as many as twelve cards going to one story. Four titles (Danish, English, German, and French) at the top of the card introduce four brief texts in verse. The stories include various types, including Aesopic fable: FG (#13-18), BW (#19-25), "The Fox, the Lamb, and the Little Mouse" (#39-44), FS (#66-72), DS (#101-107), WL (#108-114), FK (#115-121), "The Bad Turn" ("The Bear and the Gardener," #121-128), "The Porcupine and the Hare" (#129-140), "The Mouse in the Cream" (#148-153), and OF (#197-200). Here the hare races a snail (#7-12). The frogs wanting a king appeal to King Lion. The bear that ends up killing the gardener is a young bear. "The Wolf and the Leg of Pork" (171-77) either is a fable or easily could become one. 1¾" x 2¾", with simple, colored cartoon-like illustrations. Here are two great scenes. The first (#126) shows the bear about the "protect" the gardener from the fly that bothers him. The second (#199) shows the frog blowing himself up to be as large as the ox.