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Danmarks Billede Serie: "Dyrefabler 1-200"

1953 "Danmarks Billede Serie: "Dyrefabler 1-200."  39 cards out of a numbered set of 200.  1¾" x 2¾".  $5 from Allen Sweet, Watkins Glen, NY, through eBay, Nov., '12.

These cards represent a real curiosity.  Those in the first 90 numbers are identical with the same numbers in "Dandy Black Backs."  Those above #90 go their own way.  It is of course not always easy to ferret out fables from folktales.  Clear fables here seem to be #110 (#102 in the Dandy series and #115 (#107 in the Dandy series) -- both representing DS -- and #200 (OF, identical with #200 in the Dandy series). 


1953 Danmarks Serie: Dyrefabler.  Vilhelm Grandt?  Illustrations by Frederik Bramming.  Introduction by Kai Friis Moller.  Hardbound.  Kopenhaven: Udgivet af Aktieselskabet Kaffesurrogatfabriken Danmark.  €23 from Bartko-Reher, Berlin, July, '21.  Appearing among books here.

Complete.  32 pages.  Color work seems to me to be of very high quality.  This collection seems somewhat rare on the web.  The scenes are the same as those depicted in individual cards catalogued under "fable cards," where this book and one set of stamps are illustrated.  The booklet seems identical with “Dandy Serie: Dyrefabler,” though the languages there seem to be the Belgian pair rather than the Danish here.  Very engaging artistry throughout, with plenty of humor!  Aesopic fable material includes at least these: FG; BW; FS; TMCM; DS; WL; FK; "Mice in the Cream"; and OF.  OF may be among the best illustrated.