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Der Wolf und das Schaf

1935?  Der Wolf und das Schaf: 10 Fabeln für unsere Kinder.  Ten pages in an envelope.  Black-and-white images signed by "Gerd."  About 4" x 6".  €12 at Antiquariat Deinbacher, Vienna, August, '19.

I presume that we found these at Black Swan in Oakland.  I found an offer on German Ebay guessing that these were done in 1935-40.  The surprising things in this set include the German "Fraktur" Gothic script, hard for many of us to read.  A further surprise is the ultra-thin paper used for these ten "cards."  I have debated whether to list them as pages or as cards, and finally decided to list them under cards – because, though they are not on cardstock, they do what cards usually do – and to offer a link under printed "fable pages."  The third surprise is the way these ten cards integrate known fables with other events.  As I look through the pages, I notice these traditional fables: "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"; WL; and WC.  These three are something of a trunk for branching out to other stories.  I am not even sure that one can know the exact order of the ten "episodes."  The images are well defined and strong. 


Vanity Punished

The Curious Little Lamb

Herda, the loveliest of sheep, is seduced to see how lovely she is in the river's water.  Not a good idea!  While she admires herself in the water, the wolf devours her. 

Little Hans, a young sheep, decides to encounter the wolf, whoever he is.  Hans  escapes, but only with a wound, since the dog and the shepherd intervene after he has been wounded.  Do not be a curious young lamb!  

The Wolf as Liberator

False Sympathy

A vulnerable sheep has a thorn in its hoof.  The wolf proclaims "I will free you from your pain."  The wolf promptly tears this lamb apart.

A farmer's barn burns down, and the wolf sympathizes with him and observes him rebuilding.  Once a stall is ready for young sheep, one of the sheep goes missing!

The Black Sheep

The Wolf in Sheepskin

Peter is the black sheep—and he acts accordingly.  He gets flour spilt and whitens himself in the flour.  The herd leaves him behind, the wind blows away his whiteness, Peter stumbles in the white cloud, falls into the stream, and ends up dying.  Exuberance seldom helps!

"Hütet Euch vor dem Wolf im Schafspeltz!"  Protect yourselves from the wolf in sheepskin!

The Aging Wolf

The Dying Wolf

The old wolf's teeth are not what they used to be.  He tries to make a deal with every farmer – for always less recompense.  No deal!  Do not let the wolf become the shepherd!

The dying wolf remembers that he saved one victim, but the stork remembers that this day was when the wolf had a bone in his throat.  "The enemy has good intentions only when it is hindered in the execution of its evil intents."

The Heroic Wolf

The Wolf's Monument

A young wolf recalls the 200 victories of his heroic father, who died just yesterday.  The fox replies that his 200 victories were against sheep, but his 201st encounter was against perhaps his single worthy opponent, a bull, and he lost. 

Animals are unsure what to memorialize about the wolf.  The sheep suggest that he conquered only sheep, not other wolves.  The best memorial would be the skulls of his victims.