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Krylov Kyprijanov Pravda Cards 1986

1986 Set of nine fable cards illustrating Krylov fables.  4" x 7½", with the photographic picture occupying the left 5½" segment and the title occupying the remaining right section.  Photographs of staged animal mannequins.  The Russian text of the fable is on the obverse.  The artist is G. Kyprijanov.  Pravda, Moscow.  $8 for the set from Valentaua Kudinova, Kharkiv, Ukraine, through eBay, Nov., '12.  Extra set with picture-wrapper, FC, from VintageIhorUA for $10, August, '19. 

The surprising thing about these illustrations is, I believe, the elaborate staging of the animal figures in often rustic settings.

Ass and Nightingale

Monkey and Bear

Cuckoo and Cock


Monkey and Spectacles


Pig and Crow