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Landouzy Frères Cards

1935? 10 numbered cards out of a series of 48 offering fables of La Fontaine.  2½" x 3¾".  Imp. Landouzy Frères Lambersart.  Gift of Francoise Camillas, August, '15.  46 of  the 48 cards (missing only #46 and #48) for €20 from aubenouvelle through Ebay, July, '21.

These cards have large and lively blocks of color.  Each card has a clear title at its base in white against a red background.  In one of the four corners of the image is the card number.  The verso has a title, a verse text, and "Imp. Landouzy Frères Lambersart."   The "9" on UP is printed backwards.  Not all printers get everything right!