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Oudry Tapestry Cartoons

1935? Set of twelve postcard-size (5½" x 3½") cards titled "12 Cartoons for Tapestry by J.-B. Oudry (1686-1765)" by Artext Cards. The twelve are individually labeled as "Artest - A. XXI.1" through " Artest - A. XXI.12." Made in France but titled in English with the general heading "La Fontaine's Fable." $46.05 for the set in a fragile envelope from Heartsdeesire on eBay, Sept., '03.

These are satisfactory renditions of Oudry's work. The seller has the same question I have, namely, "Are these postcards?" I find it unusual that they were printed in France but marketed somewhere in English speaking territory. As the seller also points out, the envelope is torn, but the cards themselves are in very good condition.

Click on any card to see it enlarged.


Lion Goes to War

The Hare's Ears


Man's Ingratitude and Injustice toward Fortune

The Wolf Pleading against the Fox before the Monkey

Democritus and the Abderitains

The Oyster and the Pleaders

The Horse and the Ass

The Earthen Pot and the Iron Pot

The Dog with Cut Ears

The Wolf and the Huntsman