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Get Well Cards


1950? Movable TH greeting card for a swift recovery. 5 7/8" x 5" (6" when unfolded). T2208. Made in USA. A trademark shows "GB" on a bell. $6.95 from Mike Edelman, Solon, OH, through Ebay, Sept., '01.

The front reads "Hope you're making steady progress…And break all records for a swift recovery!" As the card is unfolded, the tortoise stretches his neck across the finish line marked "Health." The text on the inside is "Show a burst of speed." A disgruntled rabbit with a flag in his paw looks on. The card is signed twice by "Uncle Joe and Aunt Olive." When you click on this card to see it full-size, be sure to notice the second image showing the expanded version!


1991? Portrait-formatted colored painting get-well card. The front shows a mouse in a robe, with slippers on its feet and a steaming pot of tea at its side. "Country mouse…or city…" reads the outside caption, to be finished inside with "Happy Healing!" Ambassador: Hallmark 135ZF 323R. Gift of Vera Ruotolo, July, '92.

I would never have thought that Aesopic fables would appear in the world of get-well-cards, but here one is!

2000?  Hallmark get-well card.  Cover shows a bandaged turtle.  Inside: "It's not the speed that matters.  It's the getting there.  Hope you feel better soon."  Gift of Pauli Ruotolo, July, '05.

A clever card like this does not even have to repeat "Slow and steady wins the race."  We all know the idea, and the sight of the turtle calls it up quickly.  As ever, Hallmark is clever.